How We Got Here

Long ago in a land far away.. Ahem. Jamaica.
There was an odd woman who approached our Shandra.
She spoke of the crown on the sorority tee Shandra had on.

Her words to Shandra- 
*You do not need that extra point.
Your destiny is 4 points. Not 5.
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.
That is all you and need honey - it will make sense one day.* 

Many years later, as Shandra was sitting her the office of her interior design firm, surfing the web trying to find clothing for her almost born offspring...
She realized there was a need.
She started sewing. 

And the four point crown of Crowned Couture was born.
As was our #getcrowned hashtag... And then as life took us, we realized we could make pageant clothing.
And dance wear. 

We are pretty sure a lot of kids don't want to wear jeans anymore because our clothing is that comfy. 

Years later...we are here and about to launch to a flower girl line. 

We don't have a mold. 

We just really like girls to be adorable.
And from time to time boys too. Handsome. 

Thank you for loving us.

We love you more.